How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

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When you have a website, you will probably reach a point where you would want to create a page similar or identical to another page you already have on your website. Duplicating a page is not a good practice SEO-wise due to duplicate content. But if you want to duplicate a page to use its design and change its content, then all is good. Usually, we do want our website to have a similar design across its pages.

One of the good things about WordPress is, there are a lot of ready plugins for you to use. That means, if you want to add some functionality to your website, duplicating a page in our case, there is most probably a plugin fitting your needs somewhere out there. If not, there is most probably a plugin close enough for what you need so you can use it as a base and develop on top of it.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress Using a Plugin

As the title suggests, we will use a plugin to duplicate a page.
In your WordPress website’s admin dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New.
Then, enter the word “Duplicate” in the search field and wait for the results. It should look something like this:

Enter the word “Duplicate” in the search field and wait for the results

You can choose whichever plugin you want but, in this guide, we will use Yoast‘s Yoast Duplicate Post plugin. Install the plugin you choose by clicking “Install”, Yoast Duplicate Post, if you are following along with us, and once the plugin is installed, click “Activate”.

Good, now all that remains is to duplicate the page.
In your admin dashboard, go to Pages, hover over the page you want to duplicate, and click “Clone”. If you don’t see a “Clone” option, try looking for “Duplicate” instead. Now you know how to duplicate a page in WordPress.

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